Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunny Days and Chileno Hospital

Hola familia that I love so much!!

Wow this week was insane--in a good way. I struggled a ton and learned a ton-such is the way of the mission, life and the gospel.

A few things I learned:
-The name Nacho is short for Ignacio--wow that took me way too long to realize that
-Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that we have as missionaries, as members of the Church, and as children of God. I had a very powerful experience with prayer this week and felt that I truly achieved a connection with my Heavenly Father, more than any other time in my life (except for when I was at Galilee--it´s a tie). He TRULY hears and answers our prayers!
-I love to teach! We started teaching a beginner´s English class for Chilenos and it was super fun. Pretty difficult seeing as I hardly know Spanish in the first place but it went well! We had more investigators than members so that was great that they came and became familiarized with the chapel.
-I can survive without chocolate. What, you might ask?? Mikele without chocolate? It´s true. I´ve gone about two weeks now without it as an attempt to help my face clear up. So far not much has changed haha but I have faith. It´s really not that hard here because the quality of the chocolate is far below average.
-God blesses and knows his children and His plan is THE plan. There were so many times when we ran into investigators that we had been praying about-we were wondering if we should continue teaching some and bam, that day we saw them in the street and realized that the answer was yes-they still need us and Heavenly Father needs us to teach them at this time in their lives. 
-God blesses His missionaries with miracles. They are everyone. A favorite from this week is that I was feeling so tired and didn´t know how I´d make it to our lesson that was half an hour away (walking) and right then passed a member in our ward and she offered us a ride. Thank you!! Wow what a tender mercy.
-Chileno hospitals are not like hospitals in the US...but on the other hand thankfully they are not like hospitals in Jerusalem haha. I went to the hospital yesterday because I had some SERIOUS stomach pains and they injected me with a magical solution and I feel all better. Haha dad don´t freak out--I´ve been in touch with the mission nurse and things are just fine.
-Jesus Christ can help us feel better. He can make the burden feel lighter and help us through our hardest times. I don´t really have time to explain details but my testimony of that was strengthened this week as I struggled with the language, my health, my confidence, and every else that comes with a mission.
-Jesus Christ knows me-my strengths, weaknesses, talents, trials--and will never give me something that´s too much for me to bear (although sometimes I wonder how I´ll make it). I am in the place where I´m supposed to be-PEUMO!! 

-Clarkie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! You are no longer a tweenager (well on June 14th). Have the greatest 20th birthday ever!!!!! I´m looking forward to that letter already! It´ll be the greatest Christmas present ever. I laughed so hard at your email last week about the false doctrines and faith as a substance...I can just imagine you doing your false doctrine face! I´m gonna let you make the sherpa analogy--I´ve got nothing. You can write me in Spanish! I can´t write you in Spanish right now because I´m not fast enough but I can understand it now, for the most part. Love you! P.S. What in the world does TQM stand for? Oh and I just thought of EQP, handsome is he....hahaha chao!
-Shannon Barrett: happy birthday my dear! Love you!
-Grace Jackson: who knew that I´d see your lovely face in Chile? We were watching a youth video on the "We Believe" disc I think and I saw you!! Good luck with these last few days before you head to the MTC! You´re gonna rock it! Love you :)
-Aly, Lauren, and Jace: Hey I know it´s summer break and all but don´t forget your sista!!! Love you!!
-Urry Family: aaaahhhh Brandon comes home soon! Tell him I say hi! Love you all!
-Grandpa Stephenson: happy birthday to you!! What are you now, 65? Love you!!!
-Mom and Dad: love you both! Let me know when the letters arrive at home. Enjoy the sun! Next week could you have everyone in the fam send me their favorite scripture and why? I´d love to hear that. 
-Carly: you are so beautiful! I love the pictures. Sounds so fun! Enjoy this time that you two have together. And get ready, swimsuit season--here come Carly and Jared! Haha you two are the best. I´d love to hear from Jare-Bear if he has time!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! If you could find out a way to send Clark's pictures to me that´d be great-I haven´t been able to see any of them. Loves!!

Sorry that it´s short this week-we had a little less time than usual and I´m using one of the worst keyboards in the world (although I bet Clark would argue with that). I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic week and remember that the Lord knows what´s best and He´ll never give us something that we can´t handle. Onward and upward!

Hermana Stephenson

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